Fri. Aug 12th, 2022
Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Fullerton Hotel Singapore is a great place to visit. The original building is an old post office. It has been here for a century now. As the millennium arrived, it turned out to be an elegant hotel with lavish amenities.

Many people come there for the traditional building. If you want to know the vibes of stay at a classic hotel, this place will be a good recommendation. As one of the best hotels in Singapore, this place will give many spots for photography.

Wonderful Classic Lobby

The grandeur lobby welcomes everyone who is in awe. The rest of the building that every guest passes through their rooms will amaze them even more. There are several artworks with a charming look that enhances the lavish ambiance.

When you come to the lobby, a warm greeting will get. The workers are so patient. There is a 24 hours service there. So, you do not need to worry about when you check in to the hotel you can get a good room. Before that, you can see the beautiful building of this hotel.

Beautiful Building of Fullerton Hotel

Have a historical vacation with staying at a good hotel will be a good idea. You can stay at the hotel and feel the vibes of the old building. The building is white. It has many beautiful lamps that make it look more classic. At night, you will see it more charming.

Classic Rooms and Wonderful Balcony

Many rooms are inside Fullerton Hotel Singapore. A classic decoration and interior design will make you amazed. You will see a warm room that is very good for your sleep. The bed is good and the balcony is wonderful.

You can see the Singapore landscape at night when you are on the balcony. The balcony has furniture that will make you enjoy the vibes more. From the balcony, you can see a lot of scenery of Singapore’s landmarks. Such as Singapore Flyer, some water areas, and the buildings.

You can also see the beautiful sky above Singapore. Singapore is famous for its cleanliness. So, you can prove it if you stay at this hotel. Because the atmosphere near there is so good and also warm.

Fresh air will make you happy and relax. You can enjoy your time with family after go to some fun places. If you are on a business trip, you still can manage your work there. While working, you can just listen to classical music from your laptop and feel the atmosphere.

Amazing Holiday at a Classic Hotel

This classic hotel will give you some facilities. Inside the beautiful building, you will get many services. For example, AC in each room. So, you will not feel uncomfortable. If you want to eat delicious cuisine, you can go to the restaurant inside.

When you want to have some sports, you can go to the swimming pool. Another service there is a 24-hour front desk, parking area, elevator, WiFi, and many others else. So, do you think that it’s a good Staycation Singapore Deals?

By arief